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The Letter That Must NOT Be Signed
May 12, 2014

So the pressure is mounting on the FCC on their "fast lane" proposal. However, although some tweaks to the proposal was done today. It really isn't enough. From my understanding, they included that the ISPs can not slow down users connectivity due to the proposed fast lane, they can still create fast lane deals. In a sense, nothing changed at all.

There another news that needs to be mentioned. According to a Blog Post, it states that a lobbyist is sending out a note throughout Congress.

Downey McGrath Group represents the NCTA, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, and they have asked me to contact you regarding the current policy discussion on net neutrality.

As you know the Federal Communications Commission is poised to take up this question later this week when Chairman Wheeler introduces his proposal on the issue. Congressman Gene Green is circulating the attached letter to the Commission asking that the Commission not reclassify broadband service as a Title II service. I hope you can recommend that [Representative Name] sign the letter. I have also attached a copy of talking points on the issue.

To the average citizen, it appears that this note is being passed by Congressman Gene Green and his team. However, the blog states that it was not sent by Gene Greem nut intead Tom Downy, a former Congressman and lobbiest for the National Cable and Telecommunications Association. This definitely is going to be a battle between the populous and the ISPs.